Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Vinyl casement windows are attached (or hinged) to one side of the frame and open by swinging out from your home. Windows Direct vinyl casement windows open with a crank and feature a fold-away nesting handle that does not stick out and provides a nice, tidy look. Our casement windows also offer a single-lever multi-point locking mechanism with single locking handle for maximum security.

Many homeowners choose Windows Direct Casement style windows for their excellent energy efficiency, security and aesthetic beauty. They can be joined together (mulled) and are available in double and triple casement combinations to create an attractive look in a wider space.



Awning Casement Windows

Vinyl awning windows are a type of casement window hung horizontally with hinges on the top, allowing them to open outward. Not to be confused with basement windows, which are hinged at the bottom and swing inward. Our awning replacement windows open easily and smoothly with a crank handle. You’ll also be able to easily lock your window with a single lever that locks the window at multiple critical points. Replacement awning windows from Windows Direct provide some protection from the rain, even when wide open. Awning windows can be mixed with casement windows and picture windows to create dramatic sight lines and window combinations.



Standard and optional features of Casement Windows

  • Fusion Welded sash and frames for strength and durability
  • High Performance Spacer System
  • Special formulated PVC never needs painting, makes cleaning a snap and will never rot or corrode
  • Easy to clean 90 degree sashes
  • Multipoint locking system keeps windows closed tight for added security and advanced weather protections
  • Insulation in the frames and sashes provides maximum performance for years
  • Premium weatherstripping at all sealing locations decreases air infiltration at industry leading levels
  • Double Strength 3mm Glass with Glass Breakage Warranty
  • UltraClear Screen Mesh
  • Optional triple pane glass
  • Optional exterior colors and interior woodgrains including a real paintable/stainable pine
    *Features of our Restorations Model. Other models may have different features. Visit our showroom or speak to an associate for more info.


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