Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement Windows come in many different styles and options.

Offering the widest replacement window selection in town. Windows Direct offers 5 different models from 4 different manufacturers. And because we are a direct to manufacturer dealer we can offer you premium vinyl windows to match any style and budget for sometimes half the cost of our competitors. Wether your looking for the industry leader in efficiency and aesthetics or something economical for your investment property we have the just window for you at affordable pricing.

High Performance Technology

Innergy Composite Reinforcements

Better Thermal Performance- Up to 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparison

Better Thermal Break- Impervious to cold or heat

Better Protection Against Condensation- Helps prevent staining that can occur with metal

Better Impact Testing Resistance- to impact versus other reinforcement products

Duralite High Performance Spacer Systems

The Warmest of the Warm Edge
The single most important aspect of a quality window is the spacer system. Duralite is the warmest of the warm edge spacers, a full 6 degrees warmer then Intercept. Not only does this keep the glass warmer, it is also responsible for keeping moisture out of the sealed glass unit. Made of a non metal, composite laminating technology that provides superior durability and thermal performance.

If there is one feature you should stretch to upgrade, it is this one.

InsulCore Polyurethane Foamfilling Technology 
InsulCore is a proprietary process for foam filling specific hollow cavities in both the sash and mainframe of the window. This mold & mildew resistant InsulCore provides an additional, exceptional insulating barrier for thermal conductivity which enhances the overall U-value of our windows.InsulCore is a superb insulating technology that out performs hollow vinyl frames by over 9 R- values.

InsulCore is a value option that will improve the energy efficiency and lower the cost of comfort for your home throughout the year. It is available on several of the products offered through Windows Direct ask your rep for more details.

High Performance Glass Options
For enhanced energy performance, Low Emissivity (Low E) glass is extremely important. Low E is thin, transparent layers of metal oxide applied to the glass surface. In warmer temperatures, Low E helps filter unwanted heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun from entering your home, thereby keeping your home cooler.

In colder temperatures, the Low E coating allows heat rays from the sun to pass through, helping to warm interior temperatures. This means that regardless of the outside temperature, climate or season, Low E glass helps reduce the costs needed to heat or cool your home by using the rays from the sun to your advantage.

Argon Gas
Argon gas is a colorless, odorless gas found in our atmosphere. The molecular makeup of Argon reveals that it is more dense than air. By replacing the air inside of the sealed insulating glass unit with Argon, it provides increased insulating performance
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