The house is drafty. You hear the glass panes rattle whenever the wind blows. Even worse, you can’t relax because your windows aren’t locking properly anymore. How can you sleep in comfort not feeling secure? If any of these issues are bothering you, it might be time to get replacement windows installed.


You may be wondering when it is a good time to actually schedule your window replacement project. If you are a homeowner looking to install new windows, there’s no need to stress about the time of year. Unlike roofing or other elements of the home exterior, you can have windows installed in most temperatures.

So, you can schedule window replacement for colder months, like December through February, just as you can schedule it for the summer months of June, July, & August. But, there are benefits to scheduling a window installation for each time of the year.

Installing a New Window in the Fall & Winter

While the weather is colder in winter, you’ll find that many remodelers can still take care of a window replacement during this time of year. Kentucky and Southern Ohio both have mild winters, so you’ll see several comfortable days suitable for remodeling work.

Fall and winter are the slowest months of the year for window remodeling companies. They should have plenty of room in the schedule to arrange a window replacement.

Many remodelers also offer discounts during this time of year. If you look around you can find additional savings on your window replacement.

If you are looking to improve your comfort in the coldest part of the year, this is also a good time to have energy-efficient windows installed. You’ll be able to tell within a day or two if your new windows are doing the job.

Installing New Windows in Spring & Summer

It’s easier to get work done on the house during the warmer months of the year. The weather is nice. You won’t feel a chill while the window contractor is working. They will be less likely to track mud & water into the house too.

On the downside, business starts picking up in late spring through the rest of the summer for window contractors. It will be hard to get a prompt appointment for work the later you put off that remodel. 

The sweet spot for window replacement may be in early to mid-spring when the weather is warming up, but the contractor isn’t busy yet.

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