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Cincinnati & Louisville Window & Door Installation Company

Installation is key with any product, especially your new custom made energy-efficient replacement windows and doors. Our certified and factory-trained installation teams will ensure a proper install is done on every job. Making sure the window is square, level, and plum is only the beginning.

At Windows Direct we know that when not installed properly, even the best window will not perform at the levels you would expect. That’s why we use only the best materials and are continuously training and educating our team.

We use a specific polyurethane, low-expanding, mold-resistant, foam insulation, designed specifically for windows & doors. Air doesn’t stand a chance!

Our EPA Lead Certified crews will make sure that you and your families are protected at all times during install. We clean up and haul away the old windows for you so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Premium 50 yr. silicone caulking seals up the exterior and a paintable interior caulk will make sure your home stays dry, even in the harshest of conditions.

Our Lifetime Labor Warranty protects you against materials and labor, for the peace of mind that you deserve. (See written warranty for details.)

Full Frame Restoration Vs. Insert Replacement

Insert Replacement

There are two methods to replace your old drafty window. The more common method that basically everyone in the industry uses is referred to as a pocket or insert replacement. It is easier, faster, less intrusive and less expensive. This method typically involves removing the old window sashes and leaving in place the old frame on wooden windows. When removing vinyl and aluminum windows the whole frame and sashes are removed. The window is then installed into the opening, visible cavities are insulated, caulked and typically flashed/wrapped with coil stock for a nice finish and maintenance-free exterior. Your old interior casing is preserved and reused. This is by far the most common method used my most professionals and DIY’ers.

Full-Frame Installation

The other method is know as a Full Frame Installation. You’d be hard pressed to find any professional or customer that would disagree that this is the best method. It involves taking out the whole frame of the old window, any old flashing, fiberglass insulation, etc all the down to the studs of the home. This way you can address any potential water damage or termites. A new water management system is installed, the window is set with factory finished exterior moulding/brickmould for a flawless finish, the opening is fully insulated, and new interior casing is installed to fit perfectly to your new window. Customers are usually pleased to see afterward they just gained even more glass area for more light with this method.

Why doesn’t everyone do this then if its the best way? The main reason is because the first way is much easier, takes less time and the installer doesn’t have to be as skilled. There is no water management system to worry about and there is no carpentry work involved. Obviously, with all this extra work there is extra cost. Our skilled trained installers can do both methods giving you the perfect install for your situation. Call us now to schedule your free consultation and see which is best for you.

Capture the Perfect Frame

Complete your windows with MaderaTM

Before you consider your project complete, inspect the interior trim around your windows. Chances are it is showing wear and tear with scratches, stains, peeling paint, or water damage. MaderaTM premium interior trim can help you transform your home decor.

MaderaTM is a factory-finished, pre-assembled trim unit made with furniture quality oak or maple.

It comes custom sized to fit your windows, so you won’t have to deal with the noise and mess of cutting trim at your home. And it installs quickly so you’ll have your home back in a fraction of the time. It comes in six wood colors and Painter’s White to match your new windows. There are several different styles to choose from so you can find the look and feel you desire.